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About Nature's Sunshine Products

All Natural Herbal Vitamins, Minerals Supplements manufacturer.

Nature's Sunshine Product quality attracted me many years ago (1980's) for purely  personal reasons.  I was researching high quality, dense nutritional medicines and supplements to battle Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and  Fibromyalgia. 

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Nature's Sunshine Products Worked For Me - They Will Work For You Too

Since 1994, that personal interest has been vastly and professionally expanded to include personal health counselling, coaching, public speaking, training plus sponsoring and mentoring like minded people who want to take advantage of the work at home business opportunity Nature's Sunshine offers.

My personal objective is to expand the message that there are solid natural alternatives to getting and staying healthy.

Nature's Sunshine's Approach

Nature's Sunshine Products delivers high quality herbal vitamin, mineral, nutritional medicines and herbal supplements through a network of  representatives in 33 countries.  Nature's Sunshine is not a mass marketing, one-product company.  Established in 1972, Nature's Sunshine Products has remained a leader in nutritional supplements and established a niche in the research, manufacturing and and distribution of high quality supplements.

NSP Quality Assurance

I investigated the diversity, claims and quality approach of numerous herbal companies and selected Natures Sunshine Products.

Not because of their business size, hyped marketing programs or excessive claims, but because this was a company that had established a strong reputation for quality, service and integrity.

"I strongly believe that despite all the excessive marketing hype about natural products and the many get rich/get well quick theories from so many companies, only Nature's Sunshine has remained true to its origins of quality, service and integrity!"

International Reputation & Success

Nature's Sunshine Products has earned its international reputation and are recommended by natural health professionals around the world. The herbal and nutritional solutions represent excellent value for every family wanting to fortify their diet and avoid illness naturally.

Discover the nutritional and healing excellence of Nature's Sunshine Products and experience healthy everyday living, naturally.

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