Diane McLaren
Nutritionist - Iridologist - Herbalist

Diane Mclaren - Nutritionist - Iridologist - Herbalist

Diane McLaren is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Clinically Certified Iridologist, Herbalist & founder of Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres

You're invited to discover for yourself what thousands have learned about Diane McLaren since 1994 ... her unique approach to nutrition, iridology, herbs & natural health care services and her uncanny ability to rapidly help people identify and solve health problems naturally.

Solving health problems naturally with iridology, herbs & nutrition

Before welcoming her first client in 1994, Diane trained to become a nutritionist, iridologist and herbalist then established her nutrition, iridology & herbal practice. Since that time her methodology and approach to healing women's, men's & children's health problems has included effective nutrition & herbal solutions for healing fatigue, sleep, stress, intestinal / digestive disorders, menopause symptoms, IBS, detoxification, joint pain, skin condition, migraines / headaches, weight loss, Diabetes, MS, Fibromyalgia and more.

You'll love the life you live when ... you feel good and look terrific!

Under Diane's experienced guidance, you get expert nutrition & herbal advice with compassionate support as you discover the natural healing properties of foods, herbal medicines & restoring therapies.  Your body can tell you what it needs, if you're listening!

Over the years, her many clients have experienced natural healing thanks to Diane McLaren's unique passion, wealth of knowledge, expertise and exceptional dedication to their success. 

  • A nutritionist skilled at determining women's, men's & children's nutritional needs
  • An iridologist experienced at identifying specific areas of need
  • A herbalist proficient at recommending the most appropriate herbal solutions
  • A weight loss coach who does help people reach their long-term weight and health goals
  • A passionate expert on nutrition & lifestyle advice, guidance, motivation and support

Diane's Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres in Mississauga

As a professional Natural Health Practitioner, Diane McLaren has built her wellness centre practice on satisfied client referrals, from people just like you, which she honours with a strong sense of professionalism, ethics, trust, recognized expertise and genuine concern for people.

Today Diane leads a team of qualified nutritionists, iridologists and herbalists trained in her methodology to help people overcome health problems naturally. 

 You can get health naturally!

"Within each of us, nature has provided all the pieces necessary to achieve excellent health and wellness, then left it up to us to put them all together." ~ Diane McLaren

If a highly qualified nutritionist, iridologist, herbalist and partner in wellness is the kind of person you want as your natural health practitioner, then Diane's approach should be your natural choice. 

Love the service guarantee

Call to find out how to book your appointment today.  Diane guarantees that if you don't like her approach, just tell her in the first 15 minutes of your appointment and there will be no charge. 

Healthy Regards,

Diane McLaren, Natural Health Practitioner

Diane McLaren C.C.Ir, R.O.H.P., R.N.C.P.
Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres
Program Director & Natural Health Practitioner

P.S. Can your really improve your current state of health naturally?

I know for a fact that you can heal naturally!  I was paralyzed from my head to my toes by Multiple Sclerosis & eventually learned how to naturally heal symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, CFS & Fibromyalgia, it changed my life; it's why I use that experience & training to help others.

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